Career Transitions

Career Counseling and Assessment for Life's Changes


"It is a pleasure to endorse the career advising services of Beth Smedley of Career Transitions. As the parent of a young adult, recently graduated from college and struggling to find that next step, I was at a loss how to my help my child. Beth Smedley was the answer! Beth’s services as a career counselor were spot on. Beth’s evaluation of my son’s abilities and career aspirations as well as the coaching sessions she provided to assist with resume writing and interview techniques were invaluable. I strongly encourage others with similar challenges to take advantage of the excellent services Beth Smedley provides and thank her for the positive difference she has made in my son’s life..."

- Beth C. (4/18)

"You are so much more than counselor to a client. You are more like a wise and caring friend. Your patience and wisdom has helped me weather my slightly chaotic life. Understanding my unsettled life events, your innovations and good sense keep me focused on the major goals of action."

- Human Resource Assistant (1/15)

I just want to thank you first for your understanding and warm personal assistance, as well as your focused and professional advice. I now feel with the tools you have given me I have a fighting chance in this job market, and the way you set up my new resume has sparked a new confidence in me that was fading fast so thanks for boosting my morale. I feel the right job is now within my grasp.

As well, for me most of all, thanks for showing me how to blend my entrepreneurial experiences in with my job history on my job resume because that was something I was told not to do. But not only did you tell me I could do it, you blended it so well that it read like it belonged. Thank you Beth from the bottom of my heart."

- Relocated Film Production Crew & Entrepreneur (9/12)

"I think I thanked you for the wonderful work you did in putting resumes together for me, if I did, I’m doing it again. Thank you for your encouraging , matter of fact, help for me. You helped me organize my life’s work and put it together as it should be. You also gave me good thoughtful advice and encouragement, at this point, in my ever changing life."

- Retired Registered Nurse beginning a new chapter (7/12)