Career Transitions

Career Counseling and Assessment for Life's Changes

Direction, finally.

While people may be "self taught" in many skills and hobbies, there is still a learning curve, trial and error, and stumbling blocks to navigate. You could choose to go alone in your career exploration, but why not make the process faster, less painful, and more insightful by enlisting the assistance of a seasoned professional?

Career Transitions provides quality career counseling that is surprisingly affordable. In the end, this guidance will save you time and money by teaching strategies and sharing resources that will decrease your down time.

Many individuals elect to begin their exploration with assessment. Assessments are completed online prior to your appointment, and you can expect your appointment to last about an hour and a half long.

These are just a few examples of some of the career assessments offered through our program.

For those who have a solid understanding of what they want to do and where they want to go in their career, individual appointments are available on an hourly basis and will touch on topics that are relevant to their situation.

Because life is too short to dread Mondays.

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